Capital Improvement Consultant Specialists


TUL Designs consists of a small group of dedicated professionals
specializing in the field of restaurant design and renovation as well as
hospitality capital enhancement projects with a specific focus in design, renovation, technology and implementation from an asset manager’s perspective.


When we partner with a client, our mindset is that of an asset manager. We take on assignments related but not limited to interior & exterior design services, renovation, project management and technology upgrades of existing properties. We provide clients with experienced counsel, unbounded creativity, and dedicated leadership, with a foundation based firmly on fiscal responsibility for each project.


We assume a limited amount of projects at one time to maintain a high level of quality control for our clients. We have found that a key factor in our past successes is to have the ability to fully engross our team’s efforts into a project. With this approach, we streamline solutions for problems and keep close communications with our clients during the process. Our core team members personally oversee each project from planning phase through project completion.


We are our product. We take pride in our work and commitment to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.